Atilla Mah. Deliktaş Cad. No:38 Bucak / Burdur

+90(248) 317 12 52

2003'den beri

Bacaksızoğlu Marble

Bacaksızoğlu Marble was established as a family company in Bucak district of Burdur province in 2003 and continues its production with a closed area of 1200 m2 and an open area of approximately 15000 m2.

It follows the technology brought by the age, procures the raw material from the rich natural resources of the region and transforms it into finished products in export quality.

It always tries to renew itself and tries to meet the demands of its customers.

Why Should You Choose Us?

We’re using technology at the very highest level and controlling what we do.

We follow the technology of the age and deliver raw material from the rich natural resources of the region, transforming it into export-quality finished products, and trying to be refreshed day by day, we respond to the needs of its customers.

Bacaksızoğlu Marble

Our Vision

To be the trusted and exemplary brand of the sector in national and international platforms with the quality, robust and eye-catching products it produces by combining production systems and knowledge with a qualified workforce.

Our Mission

To reinforce our existence, awareness and continuity, by gaining prestige and trust in the domestic and global market, by producing products that are in accordance with national and international standards, of the best quality, that do not upset the customers, that are always desired and sought, at low cost and with high efficiency, to produce different and new.

Our Values

– Competent, trained and friendly staff,
– Contemporary and technological production conditions,
– A manufacturing approach that never compromise the cost of quality,
– Constant change and innovation.